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Print That! - DIY Inkjet Printing on Fabric
with Photoshop Elements

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Malibu on Fire

"Malibu on Fire"

During my lecture I explain why the quilt was about
5 years in the making and how "Technology Saved my UFO".

Note: No experience with Photoshop Elements is required to take this class, but student need to have basic computer skills, such as the ability to load software, use a mouse or trackpad, find and open the software, and find files on their computer.

Learn how you can print your own fabric at home or yardage at print-on-demand services like ModernYardage, Spoonflower or Fabric on Demand

Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • File formats, sizing images for print & show submissions
  • Pros and cons of the print on demand services:  Fabric on Demand, Modern Yardage & Spoonflower
  • Creating a fat quarter or yard size file and placement of multiple smaller images in the one file to print
  • Color: from screen to fabric, including how fabric choice affects printed color
  • Creating labels
  • Repeats
  • Options for testing a design

Hands-on, Laptop required.

Students can "try before they buy" with a 30 day trial version that is available on the website (click here to download), please download and install prior to class.

Note: Adobe first downloads the "Adobe Download Assistant" to your desktop or downloads folder. The download of the software should start automatically on a PC or for Mac, you will need to double click on the ".dmg" file to load the assistant.

If the download doesn't start automatically on a PC, then you have to start the download manager manually to actually download and install the software.  The download is very large (over 1G, the size of a movie), and could take several hours to download depending on the speed of your internet connection, so be patient :-) 

Note to Windows XP users: Newer versions of Photoshop Elements, starting with version 13, do not run on Windows XP.  If you plan to bring a laptop still running this operating system and want to use a trial version of Photoshop Elements, please contact Jennifer prior to class.  She has CD's with version 12 that can be loaded, so plan to arrive a little early.


Create your own fabric yardage!

Here is a half yard test I had printed at ModernYardage
The custom designed fabric is for a quilt for my nephew who is a DJ. 
The black fabric was created using a part of a DJ control panel photo
and the red fabric was created using part of a record turntable photo. 

And the finished Quilt using custom and commercial fabric. The block is Storm at Sea.
63" x 54"

Here I am (on the right) showing 3 yards of cotton/silk fabric I had printed at
during my lecture for the Wearable Arts Connection of Southern California in November 2013.



Printing multiple projects on one yard of fabric, Student Gayle Wayne
printing by


A yard sized quilt designed for the 2015 Seven Sister Quilt Show

Original Photo by Mike Baird, Photo Editing by Jennifer Rapacki, Quilting by Ginnie Murach


Designed using a fractal app, FraxHD, on an iPad. This is a new workshop, click here for more info.

Very Cellular
34.5" x 46"


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